Sustainable Development Goal 6

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL 6 : (Clean Water and Sanitation) – The Case: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6 or SDG 6), one of 17 Sustainable Development Goals built up by the UN in 2015. It calls for clean water and sanitation for all individuals. The official wording is: “Guarantee accessibility and practical administration of water and sanitation for all. “The objective has eight focuses to be accomplished by no less than 2030. Advance toward the objectives will be estimated by utilizing eleven “pointers.”

Sustainable Development Goal 6- SDG6 has eight targets. Six of them are to be accomplished continuously 2030, one constantly 2020 and one has no objective year. Each …

Microsoft Power BI certification

Details of Microsoft Power BI, its usage and certification

Microsoft Power BI certification is an analytical course that promotes a user-friendly business analytics solution that allows even non-engineers to create customisable dashboards that present data in a meaningful and interpretation format.

Defining Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytical tools that can be used to service provided by Microsoft in the enterprise as the means of providing interactive visualizations services with business intelligence capabilities as well as the intelligence in the analysis of business performance in the long run even in the short run where end users as well as the stakeholders  can create reports and dashboards by themselves to get the matter of information for themselves  …

Concept Stage of a Project

The concept stage of a project management

Concept stage of a Project analysis:

Why is the concept stage of a project is so important to the project’s success?

The concept stage of a project is the planning phase that shows the way of guideline or roadmap to the accomplishment of the project, that’s why the concept stage is so important.

What information do you need to gather in the scoping phase?

It is required to understand the project life cycle along with the roles and responsibilities of the project manager. Moreover, it is required to define the tools used for the project scope management.

What issues are likely to come

How to Lose Weight Fast

Overcoming the problem of Obesity among the Youth in UK

Introduction and Background of the Topic

This is a matter of thought that the problem of obesity regarding how to lose weight fast has become a common problem among the young generation and it is bad for health. Obesity is like a burden in the human body that does not allow to lead a normal life (Knowles, 2009). There are so many problems that have to face by the obesity patient. So, the topic will imply that obesity is like curse in normal life but it could be avoided as well as recovered if there is a routine life in each and every young generation regarding their life style, food …

Bkash, Nagad and Rocket – Corporate Tax

Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022

The Finance Minister has proposed to increase the corporate tax of Mobile Financial Service (MFS) providers such as BKASH, ROCKET, NAGAD and all other MFS which have already become popular in the country. The finance minister wants to collect more revenue from this sector by raising taxes. As a result, companies in this sector BKASH, ROCKET, NAGAD and all other MFS will have to pay more taxes than before in the upcoming budget of Bangladesh regarding Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022.

Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022 have the budget of 603,681 crore in this year. Of this, the income is 392,490 crore. The budget deficit is 7.1 percent. Most of the budget deficit will come from foreign loans, …

Bkash, Nagad and Rocket – New Rules from BB


New Rules from BB for MFS: From now on, the customer’s money in Bkash, Nagad and Rocket will not be handed over. This means that mobile phone financial services (MFS) companies will not be able to use the money deposited as customers. This was stated in the policy titled ‘Trust Fund Management’ of Bangladesh Bank on Thursday (May 8, 2021). According to the policy, the institutions have to deposit the entire amount of the customer’s deposit in the bank as a ‘Trust Fund’. The amount deposited in this fund cannot be less than the amount deposited as MFS of the customer.

Bkash, Nagad and Rocket - New Rules from BB

And the amount of e-money that MFS companies …

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