Bkash, Nagad and Rocket – Corporate Tax

Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022

The Finance Minister has proposed to increase the corporate tax of Mobile Financial Service (MFS) providers such as BKASH, ROCKET, NAGAD and all other MFS which have already become popular in the country. The finance minister wants to collect more revenue from this sector by raising taxes. As a result, companies in this sector BKASH, ROCKET, NAGAD and all other MFS will have to pay more taxes than before in the upcoming budget of Bangladesh regarding Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022.

Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022 have the budget of 603,681 crore in this year. Of this, the income is 392,490 crore. The budget deficit is 7.1 percent. Most of the budget deficit will come from foreign loans, …

Bkash, Nagad and Rocket – New Rules from BB


New Rules from BB for MFS: From now on, the customer’s money in Bkash, Nagad and Rocket will not be handed over. This means that mobile phone financial services (MFS) companies will not be able to use the money deposited as customers. This was stated in the policy titled ‘Trust Fund Management’ of Bangladesh Bank on Thursday (May 8, 2021). According to the policy, the institutions have to deposit the entire amount of the customer’s deposit in the bank as a ‘Trust Fund’. The amount deposited in this fund cannot be less than the amount deposited as MFS of the customer.

Bkash, Nagad and Rocket - New Rules from BB

And the amount of e-money that MFS companies …

Information Technology of Barclays Bank

Information Technology and its resources help the organizations to perform their operations efficiently and make them more productive. From the banking services perspective, the role of IT is indisputable. Information technology innovation and expansion is a blessing for the banking business. It has opened thousands of doors to serve the customers beyond their expectations. Barclays bank is using IT and IT resources for maintaining communication with its customers, shareholders, employees, etc. whereas Barclays is enabling to provide uninterrupted service to the employees and their customers. Moreover, Barclays Bank is providing E-banking facilities by ensuring 24/7 banking services facilities, increasing storage capacity and decreasing maintenance cost, providing quality services by using internet banking, or mobile banking apps and improving strategic management. …

Information Technology of Halifax Bank

Information technology contributes to the process of increasing the efficiency and overall productivity of the organization. Meanwhile, the banking business has a significant dependency and the advancement of information technology compared to other business sectors. Banking organization needs to focus on uninterrupted and most updated information technologies to perform new and innovative services through information technology. There are many types of networking technologies and they have multiple uses. LAN, MAN, WAN are the most widely popular and well-known networking technologies used by different banking organizations. With this technology, Banks can also easily communicate with their different branches and their employees easily and whenever they need to connect with anyone irrespective of country, region, etc. The organization can easily communicate with …

Coronavirus and Immune System

Coronavirus and Immune System

The lockdown will go up after a few days. It is also clear why it will rise. Thousands of people will die without food. The lockdown was set so that the virus could spread slowly until the vaccine was discovered. But sadly, it will take at least 3-4 years for this vaccine to reach the hands of 600 crore people all over the world. So it is not possible to keep such an eternity locked down, no matter how developed the state is. Lockdown is also being lifted in China and Italy.
But will we die like this?
Simply put, yes and it is a very natural thing. There has been such an evolution in every

Information Technology in HSBC

Information technology has made the system very easy for business people. IT has become the core mechanism for every business and more especially it is must be needed in the banking sector. HSBC is utilizing its IT resources for providing the best customer services to their customer by providing digitalized services like online banking facilities, Internet banking facilities, Mobile banking facilities in which customers can avail banking services from home.

Information Technology in HSBC

Information Technology in HSBC

The main purpose of this study is to identify the usefulness of IT in which HSBC is getting benefitted by using IT resources. With the support of IT, HSBC is able to provide the financial services intensively and those financial services are investment banking, commercial as …

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