Coronavirus and Immune System

Coronavirus and Immune System

The lockdown will go up after a few days. It is also clear why it will rise. Thousands of people will die without food. The lockdown was set so that the virus could spread slowly until the vaccine was discovered. But sadly, it will take at least 3-4 years for this vaccine to reach the hands of 600 crore people all over the world. So it is not possible to keep such an eternity locked down, no matter how developed the state is. Lockdown is also being lifted in China and Italy.
But will we die like this?
Simply put, yes and it is a very natural thing. There has been such an evolution in every age. Once upon a time, there were ‘dinosaurs’, but they don’t exist today because they couldn’t survive in nature. But the ‘cockroach’ of that Jurassic era still survives. Because he has been able to evolve himself, change himself, and survive in nature. Mammoth was also there then, maybe ‘Mammoth’ has changed its form and become the current elephant. These are Evolution. So what do you mean by that? What do I do knowing these?
We also have to evolve with the elements of nature. We have to fight and survive. We also need to change ourselves. This is possible only by following certain rules of the Immune System that helps in boosting your immune system to fight the coronavirus.
Coronavirus and Immune System

Boost your immunity by adopting the following principles

1) Habits:
You have to give up bad habits. It is necessary to give up the bad habit of giving fingers in the mouth, biting the mouth of the pen, flipping the paper with the finger on the tongue, counting money with a spade etc. You have to wear a mask and wash your hands with soap. This habit developed among them after the SARS virus epidemic in Japan in 2003, which works very well today to boost immunity.

2) Environment:
We are very lucky to be in such an environment. Otherwise, this densely populated country would have ended. Humidity and temperature work very well. Having more humidity means less dust and sand will fly in the air. Humidity is low in winter, more dust is blown away as it is dry all around. That is why this virus is more prevalent in winter major countries. So cold AC should be avoided, AC reduces humidity in the room.

3) Immunity System

This is the most important. This point is responsible for writing this whole post. There is no alternative to hard immunity. We have to boost our immunity. How is that?

Physical and Mental Immunity

# Physically:
★ Sleep according to the rules, waking up at night is very bad for the body and immune system. You need to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.
Need to do Physical Exercise every day, about 15-30 minutes. Must increase muscle activity.
★ You often have to walk on the roof in the sun. You need sun, you need vitamin D.

★ Rice has no horse nutrition, on the contrary, you will get fat if you eat extra rice. Eat less rice, curry, and protein foods.
Need to Drink plenty of water (it’s a bad habit we don’t want to drink water)
Need to Eat foods with antioxidants. Vegetables should be eaten. Go to the market with the necessary protection, otherwise, you will die due to lack of immunity.
Need to have fruits of Vitamin C or sour fruits, oranges, lemons should be eaten. Also, eat seasonal fruits. Eat hot boiled lemon water every morning.
★ Eating fast food totally off, sugar or salt should also be reduced.
Spices in our country are great. Long, clove, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon this gula severely boosts immunity. Eat turmeric mixed with milk, turmeric is very useful. Eat spices mixed in tea. Green tea (antioxidant) is the best, this spice is much better in green tea.
★ Kalijira is an effective thing. Kalijira is a much better combination with a spoonful of honey every morning. Kalijira can also be eaten with mashed/fried food.

# Mentally
Maintaining the right hormonal balance is very important for an immune boost. So you have to keep your mind calm and smile happily. Pay attention to religious prayers, the mind will be beautiful.

May everyone is well, may everyone be healthy. I want to live with everyone.


Written by

Md. Shadequr Rahaman

Email: [email protected]

Coronavirus and Immune System

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