Sample of Personal Statement

Education is the basic need for all. Without proper education, it is not possible to shine in life. Since childhood, I born and brought up seeing my mother running her health care center. From that time I wanted to do something for people to help them as a mother. From all my works and seeing my mom I just grew up the interest to learn in the health and social care sector.

Sample of Personal Statement

Sample of Personal Statement

I am currently working as a worker at Tesco, where I have to deal with lots of people of different ages. I have to help them with their queries and ensure that they can get the best service from us. I also teach some of the kids of our community school and help the old people in an old age home with their regular works on my weekends.

I have completed my level 3 courses on health and social care before I have to take a study break. I had some severe financial and family problems at that time. So I could not pursue my jobs at studies the way I wanted that. I had to juggle 2-3 jobs at the same time and there was no one to help my family. From such kinds of tough situations, I have learned how to cope up with uncertainty and difficulties in life. I have also learned to have patience, dedication and a hardworking attitude to perform each and every job I am doing every time.

Health and social care study will help me to join the nursing profession in the long run. This degree will help me to learn from real life and blend all the learning with theoretical knowledge. I know how the nurses have to help people in their journey of life and how they keep working without any complaint and a happy face every time to add positivity in the patient’s life. I would love to help people for their betterment and improvement of living standards in their life.

Churchill University is the institution of my dream to study for a long time. It was my long-desired wish to fulfill by studying health and social care at that institution. The institution is famous for its services towards their current students & alumni. They provide facilities related to practical knowledge and provide a real-life experience to the students. So I really want to get admitted to Churchill University. If I get the chance to study at Angila Raskin University after completing my study I would really start to work as a nurse in a hospital and help each and every patient in their need.

After some years of work, I will open my own health care center for the old people, who cannot, walk, see or hear properly or sick in any way. I will try to make each and every day better was always get inspired by my mom and after that by Mother Teresa. So I want to do something for the people of this society. Finally, all I can say that the health and social care courses will help me to fulfill my career objectives and also drive me to pursue my life purpose. It will provide me the opportunity to become the better version of mine from each and every aspect of life.

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Md. Shadequr Rahaman

Email: [email protected]

Sample of Personal Statement

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