Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Project managers are the main figures of the construction project team. Without the project manager, the team will fail. The Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction is identical because they need to engage in planning, hiring, firing, goal setting, monitoring, conflict management etc.


The project manager must not only plan his work, but also show the team’s responsibilities. The full project manager must preview and define the tasks to be performed for the proposed project. The responsibilities of the project managers include:

·         Organizing the work for the whole team

·         Value of value

·         Prepare a delivery schedule as a roadmap for the construction team

·         After project, if there are work requirements or some work inspections

·         Review the project thoroughly to realize that everything is done as planned. (David, 2017)

Hire, Fire and Supervise

Project managers are considered constructors. The project manager is responsible for the fact that the right person can complete the project. Managing people is probably the hardest thing project manager have to do. Controls appear on top – Sometimes sections are tricky and complex because of the need to pay attention to the details that the team has missed. The project manager has to do everything to coordinate and control construction workers. (David, 2017)

Goal Settings

Setting goals is something that the building manager often forgets. This is one of the most important responsibilities that project managers have always missed. Project managers should focus on real goals signed by customers and everything to achieve their goals. In addition, the Minister is responsible for overseeing contractual conditions to meet the needs, needs and outcomes and so on. The goal is to determine the number of workers and supplies. The project managers who are ready with the goals are generally the most successful. (David, 2017)

Stay on Budget

Construction project is a trading company. As a project manager you need to wait for the project and the whole thing. The key is in judgment. There are many programs that can help you work more effectively. When the project starts, make sure the crew does not exceed the budget. Review the cost calculation and reduce unnecessary costs to keep up with budget constraints. (David, 2017)

Dispute Manager

Replacing the Role of the Project Manager It may be that the player is a conflict manager. Putting everything under control is the key. Sometimes you are required to be a judge who will order the court (construction).

The project manager in construction has solved many problems that may arise in his construction. This conflict may come in various forms:

·         Among construction workers

·         Contractor continues

·         Customers

·         Third parties

·         Project Management Team (CCE, 2017)

In the project management team if conflict cannot be resolved, the role may fail. The project manager must have all the features to work smoothly! The key to settling successfully is to “shake the shame”. Specific preventive measures and mechanisms for settling disputes quickly and permanently are needed.

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Manage Risk

This is a skill that is a successful project manager. Managers almost cannot manage the risk manually. Now there is software help that can make it more effective. Knowing the possible risks and notifying builders and clients of this issue can be agreed on whether risk can be managed or shared. (DTU, 2017)

Roles and responsibilities of a Construction Company Owner as Top Management


Top Management should write about long-term goals and mission for the company. Plan the sales and operations based on the goals and strategies. If they are trying to build most of the home in the area, the plan a home and budget project that is available for the adequate supply of equipment and workers to build houses at the same time. Additionally, the two most expensive apartment building in this neighborhood may not require much work or work, but the will sell separately from most customers, depending on high quality and personalization. (Molis, 2017)


Files can take time. The must provide a business license to secure payment to the customers if they do not meet the obligations and insurance to protect the claims of injured workers. As a construction company owner, the can delegate the mandate to the necessary programs and track the validity of licenses and insurance, but the still need to make sure the company is properly protected. (Molis, 2017)

Sales and Marketing

Customers are the foundation of the construction company. As a potential buyer, the can negotiate a contract and make an agreement. Or watch a sales team, probably a manager who tells top management. Generation of Sales leads through the marketing of the services through social networking, social networking, public relations, and advertising. The may also want to bid for a government contract. Keep the sales and marketing strategies one at the destination to reach the best customers. (Alex, 2017)

Construction Management

Customers help the get extra work from them or by referring to them. Make a clear estimate of the value of the project and give enough time to fill it in order to avoid disappointment. The rapid licensing as well as the supply of workers and contractors is crucial to timely and timely construction. Manage on-site construction to ensure that workers are safe and that the project meets the quality standards. (Alex, 2017)

Financial Management

Schedule a payment schedule so they can collect enough money from the customers to spend the operating expenses while working on the project. Report accurately the costs and earnings for each project, so they can evaluate the profits. Do not send bids for projects that they cannot afford. Tracking profits by controlling costs and increasing income. (Alex, 2017)

Roles and responsibilities of Administration as Admin Manager

Evaluate all projects and ensure compliance with all contracts, contracts, contracts and coordination with project managers to review all plans and keep forecasts and track all invoices and orders. (GSR, 2017)

Coordinate with other departments to implement and implement all project schedules and ensure timely implementation and scheduling of work effectively with the project engineer and the maintenance of the construction site.

Monitor quality management programs effectively and ensure compliance with standards and documentation and ensure the quality of contracts.

Assist contractors to evaluate all contract documents and consider the shortage of projects and ensure that all construction and construction are respected for all new buildings at different locations and provide effective support to all project schedules.

Meetings for all projects and the creation and issuance of various documents for auction, all projects notify contractor, if necessary and the agreement with the customer and propose a change of contract, if necessary.

Compile all documents for construction activities and evaluations of all project processes and all subsequent requests and attendance meetings on the decision to build and follow all construction procedures.

Collaborate with design engineers and collect and evaluate all orders for changes and archives for all processing processes and record all copies and approvals.

Keep track of all staffs at all times and track all attendees and evaluate all offers offered to contractors and advise whether changes are necessary and monitor all staff performance and ensure compliance with all the instructions.

Ensure that all company safety needs are met and track all projects from creating ideas to show and report them to the same and points to complete the project. (GSR, 2017)

Roles and responsibilities of HR in Construction Industry

First of all, there are some key responsibilities of HR, they are following: (Bayt, 2017)

·         Continuous review and the program is taught

·         Participate in recruitment and fire

·         Provide staff monitoring and evaluation

·         Create and maintain personal files for staff

·         Staff training and training

·         Intermediary for staff

·         Do save personal staff income from salaries, health services, and health insurance.

·         Contact the Department of Public Relations to make sure all administrative activities related to state law and labor laws such as visa renewal, permit / entry permits.

·         Monitor HR personnel and work on all issues related to employee complaints or questions

·         Manage health, safety and mental health and wellbeing

·         Review conflicts and situations

·         Working with the Finance Department for Staff Processing and Payments

·         Keep existing partnership with selected companies

·         Promote the workforce of the company (Bayt, 2017)

In response to the construction industry it is mainly to focus on the recruitment and selection strategy along with the performance management. So, therefore Human Resource Management is a key and strategic tool for a project-oriented organization.

Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment is determined as a process of attracting potential people to a positive, long-term contribution to the organization. Recruitment can cause the following reasons:

·         Employees decide to leave the company because of their retirement or work

·         Expanding institutions that need immediate labor force

·         Change the global environment that requires qualified personnel (Wiki, 2017)

Recruitment can be done internally or externally. Internal hiring within the organization may be beneficial. Besides saving significant advertising costs, it can also be a source of motivation for employees who can see the job opportunities in the company. But the downside is that the organization can bring new experiences and innovations.

Performance Management

It has been reported that PRP is the most popular evaluation technique in the construction sector. The PRP focuses on the basic criteria and production criteria and employees are rewarded on the basis of achieving goals. One of the biggest challenges in the construction industry is the ability to effectively manage PRP due to the abnormalities in the construction industry that employers often turn to different projects to achieve many approaches such as capacity-based or skill-based systems. Character among them is a characteristic of the evaluation. Some choose a quality approach that describes employers’ work and others use a variety of approaches through employee valuations. But for this purpose there is no recommendation to recommend to the sustainability of construction workers. Without sustainability, there is no indication how employers are involved or working to achieve sustainable goals. (Ukessay, 2017)

In addition to, the following facts are also involved in the roles and responsibilities of HR

·         The construction industry’s labor force is very diverse and includes many types of people working in the construction industry, skilled workers, skilled workers, craftsmen, management roles and administrative staff.

·         Maintaining and attracting the right people in the construction sector is a priority because of a lack of competent and experienced managers. In addition, “this project is based on construction, which is one of the biggest challenges to management and staff.

·         Human resources must be overcome when trying to attract migrant workers to rest. In addition, when finding a more legal job, difficulties and a new job law is introduced by the government, there are many challenges it will create for selection. (Siew, 2009)

·         In addition, construction company HR must “determine whether job applicants can be physically demanding, regardless of the provisions of Equity Law.”

·         In addition, since the “Anti-Discrimination against Discrimination in the Workplace” industry, the construction industry is at a crossroads with a long tradition of sexual and racial discrimination. These rules will be further identified to better understand the human resources development in the construction industry in the recruitment process.

·         The construction industry HR must ensure that they conduct in-depth and efficient research.

·         The first step is to target your business properly using the right media to the right target audience for vacancy. Optional selection techniques are important because they have to filter out people who are not fit to work so that they can find the right person to make the job more complicated. (Loosemore, 2003)

·         As mentioned above, the construction industry has many roles from experienced people to unskilled workers. This means that there are techniques needed to understand the need for this new candidate when seeking management, this difference will be needed for skilled workers, rather than managers. The difficulty in hiring is “a lack of specialized skills.” This requires appointment and recruitment.

·         Basic and in-depth research is the key to selection. So in the construction industry HR when looking for specific people to act, the HR can do a research for a specific building or a specific type of website and where to look for unskilled workers in any type of media such as local newspapers. (Loosemore, 2003)

·         HR managers and staff must ensure that they promote the use of appropriate media approaches to fill vacancies. There are different ways for professions and non-professions that differ from one another and should be used properly.

·         To be successful in these industries, there must be a good balance between protecting the industrial interests and the rights and welfare of employees.

·         Immigrant labor for the time being part of the national economy and the determination of migrant workers is the only way to build a lack of skills. It is so important that the staff to implement effective policies and procedures to cope with legal issues, as part of the recruitment of migrant workers in the industry, show that a draft new civil penalties of legitimate activity if employers can stand against illegal hiring of workers based on action. Penalties and imprisonment may follow up depending on court hearing and general terms. (Bayt, 2017)

Risks of a construction project manager that are prevalent in the construction industry

Risk of Labor shortage

Labor shortages are currently the most obvious risk for construction projects. The truth is that even with the best planning and design in the world if you do not have enough staff to carry out this job; the project has been devastated significantly decreasing from the start. Optionally, if it is to be reduced the standard and tried to fill skilled workers shortages, you plan and your staff on the road. Although the industry needs to address more labor shortages, including better participation and training, these strategies will not address a lack of scarcity. The good news is that technology can help you fill the gap now and attract more staff. (Aproplan, 2017)

Recommendation (Actions)

Especially the introduction of development for this mobile app will give you the benefit of attracting thousands of young employees who already have digital teams and trying to improve their tech skills in their work. Conversely, if you are worried that your most experienced staff, baby boomers will be covered by this new software, you can be a useful tool for sharing knowledge. Most of the old employers are among the largest of your assets in the workforce, thanks to the broad knowledge of the industry and this project, but as a pension you are at risk of losing knowledge. To learn the skills of baby boomers in the short term, millions of people can show video compilers, while your employers can bring their colleagues knowledge. As a result, productivity and collaboration will not only improve but will provide a small staff with only unique training programs that can improve satisfaction and storage. (Williams, 2017)

Risk of labor productivity

Whether the labor shortage is a problem for you, you may have to face other work problems that affect the overall risk of your project. According to study, the productivity of two groups of workers working at the same time can be 50%. The productivity gap is set at 500% when work is completed on two different construction sites. Even with popular listings and subordinates, really understand how the employees are making money. (CCE, 2017)

Recommendation (Actions)

The use of technology not only attracts and retains the best employees, but also increases the productivity of paid workers. In this way one can confirm your value and decide whether the aid will return to your next project based on how productive it is. With the right program, one can adjust the size of the workforce and measure the time, making good decision-making and risk reduction of future projects. (Whirlwind, 2017)

Safety Hazards

Dangerous work conditions on the building create another serious danger to your workforce. Of course, we all want to make the site the first safe place for the welfare of our staff and, secondly, to ensure that safe procedures do not affect a project’s ability to move forward. With a sophisticated and versatile workforce, language barriers and differences can have adverse effects on safety. Especially because of the language barrier, workers face an increase in death or construction damage. (Dingsdag, 2006)

Recommendation (Actions)

Once again, language learning, multilingual participation, and multilingual support will help mitigate this problem for a long time, but it will not help instantly identify your threat, your work force and your project. The productivity of applications, such as Double Plan Grid implementation in Spanish and English, allows this site to be safe to communicate online and in real time. When there is a source of truth in a workplace, everyone is up to date and not worried about a lack of critical security updates. (DTU, 2017)

Coordination Hurdles

Irregularities can occur even when the whole group speaks one language. Due to the inconsistencies between design documents and disregard of time shift, there are countless ways in which relationships can affect the graphic and undermine the project’s success. Uncertain communication can be a major barrier to risk management that leads to longer and long delays in RFID if all are not on the same page. (Ellis, 2017)

Recommendation (Actions)

This software program reduces the risk of construction due to improper communication by just bringing in harmony. As RFI and others can be found in cloud systems, updates can be easily deployed to all employees. As a result, your team has the right data to make the right decisions and reduce the risk of the budget and time stagnation. (Díaz, 2007)

Poor Documentation

Projects In particular, large projects require thousands of documents that can be managed in the paper system. In fact, 40% of construction companies still use documents at work. Finding your own files can lead to delays, and it is more difficult to get this information on time, leaving your project at risk of delays in the schedule. (Menard, 2017)

Recommendation (Actions)

It’s time to reach a mobile solution to manage your files and reduce the risk of construction. Some software solutions have hyperlinks and search features, so do not try to trace these hard drive files. By providing all the mobile apps and allowing your employees to access them when they need, the transparency of your needs to the next level provides an unfavorable work environment. (PMI, 2017)

Inconsistent Reporting

Reporting for Flexibility and Error are at high risk for the projects and budgets. It may delay important news, or even days later, and one could be threatened with writing incorrect or obsolete information. With the manufacturer of the phone with the option of reporting timely location, one can check whether the problem has been reported, and if so, please submit your report immediately to make sure the time is limited. (PSC, 2017)

Recommendation (Actions)

Another benefit of submitting field reports via mobile apps is the ability to systematically report and systematically reduce the risk of human error. In addition, there are software solutions that allow you to report and perform deeper tasks. A great program will allow you to report issues in a timely manner, but great apps will allow rich media and data such as photos, videos and extras to improve the sharing of information. (Whirlwind, 2017)

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Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

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