Skills for Group Presentation

Skills for Group Presentation

Introduction – Skills for Group Presentation

The presentation topic on which we have worked in a team is relationship and influence internal and external stakeholder have on business practice. In this group we had 7 group members and we have learned so many things while we were working in team and acquired some skills for group presentation. So, this report is all about the reflection report regarding sharing the bunch of skill that is achieved while preparing this presentation. In response to the presentation topic, we had to work hard in group, so it was very crucial to adjust with group members and learn the use of skills or achieve some skill while solving the cases.


1.0 Communication Skill

In this group presentation, my experience in the area of communication is vast. This group presentation helps me how to communicate with group members and when it is important to deliver the right message to the other members for sharing ideas or views. According to (Zentner, 2016), communication skill could be generated if their have good understanding among the team members because effective communication in group work is very important and the success of group work vastly depends on it. Meanwhile, I have also learned how to do oral presentation with good etiquette from this group work as well.

2.0 ICT Skill

In this group presentation, we have to work on computer as it was recommended to do PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, we need to use Microsoft Office package like Microsoft PowerPoint. In that case, it needs to do some design in PowerPoint. Even thigh, we need to use internet for searching various contents relevant to presentation topics in Google search option. According to (Muhammad, 2019), ICT skill is very much mandatory in this competitive world because ICT knowledge can progress one to swift tasking ability. Therefore, we have gathered the knowledge of ICT and became skilled on ICT to prepare the presentation very well.

3.0 Research Skill

In this group presentation to acquire skills for Group Presentation, we need to go through so many journals and books. We need to collect some primary data or secondary data to research on this topic. So, it was also a handy preparation for us to read so many journal articles on research purpose, and we have utilized it accordingly to get better result.

Skills for Group Presentation

4.0 Numeracy skill

In this group presentation, for analyzing the numerical data we had to work on it. There are some statistical results on which we had to take decision reading the topic of the presentation like relationship and influence internal and external stakeholder have on business practice. So, the relationship could be measured by a numerical survey that will show the summary of their relationship as the relationship is positive or not, negative or not.

5.0 Teamwork skill

In this group presentation to acquire skills for Group Presentation, the best part I have learned is that teamwork skill because in this competitive world, teamwork skill plays a vital role. According to (Avery, Walker and Murphy, 2019), teamwork skill helps a person to be a leader, to be a motivational speaker and it will develop himself as a future leader. So, from my point of view, I have observed that team spirit and team work both are fully equal because team spirit provides the inner energy to work in a team and sharing or discussing the thoughts that will add value with other group members, then it will be very easy to find out the resources each member in a team are sharing their knowledge and ideas.  Teamwork basically develops internal bonding to solve the issues and in a team there must have a leader. It is also a learning things from the leader how is he performing his role, the ways of his talking, the attitude, behavior of that leader, the way of his presentation skill and the way of his team motivation skill. Self-directed skill is also achieved from that team work from my side, when I saw that every team member are serious to be successful in this group presentation, then the perception of self-direction is build up and work on it accordingly. So, team work learns me a lot with so many random knowledge that will add value in my career.

6.0 Organization skill

In this group presentation, organization skill was also important because it is not an easy task to organize a meeting and ensuring the on time attendance on the meeting. Here, regular communication with the group member was important and we need to open a group in what Sapp as we can communicate each other from that group sharing, discussing various issues reading the presentation topics. So, organization skill is ultimately developed when the communication among members was smooth.

7.0 Time management skill

In this group presentation to acquire skills for Group Presentation, time management skill was also important because we had given a time before which we need to submit the task, Moreover, in group meeting we must had to present ion time otherwise it will be impacted on the team performance because we could understand that time is valuable, there is no way to do wastage of time. According to (McConalogue, 2017), time management skill makes a person disciplined and punctual. It will add value in his career life to be successful when he has the sense of time management and give priority on the time issue as because time and tide wait for none.

8.0 Problem solving skill

In this group presentation, the full task consist of problem solving on different issues. So,  it entails that problem solving skill develop a person to do less error in his professional life as because he has been experienced to deal with so many issues. From my point view, I have seen that we had to work on solving different business problem, financial problems and others.  So, we were so far good to solve different business issues accordingly (Rossa, 2017).

Conclusion – Skills for Group Presentation

From my side, the key personal strengths that I have had like good communication skill whereas I do not feel shy to communicate with other confidently, I am so good to work with a team because my belief is that team work always provides a positive result. I was also quite good in ICT as I had to prepare so many slides and engage in internet forgetting information. On the other hand, the limitation that I have like research skill as I know less that part and organization skill on which I was not comfortable at all.


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Skills for Group Presentation

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