Comparative Marketing Mix Analysis

This whole study will focus on the Comparative Marketing Mix Analysis between DOVE and SURE.


The aim of this report is to make a comparative marketing mix analysis between DOVE and SURE in UK. DOVE and SURE is popular product used as bath product or deodorant. The market share of DOVE in UK is ranked as 2nd where as it is captured almost 30% market size of the total users in UK and trends in sales of DOVE is increasing since last 5 years (Mintel, 2019).Product of Dove is sold more than 190 countries. Comparatively, the market share of SURE in UK is ranked as 3rd  where as it is captured almost 25% market size of the total users in UK and trends in sales of SURE is increasing since last 5 years (Mintel, 2019). In 2018, according to ( 81.6 million sales incurred for SURE and it is ranked 3rd as bath products. Product of SURE is sold more than 90 countries (Mrinali, 2020).

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Comparison of Target Markets

Target market analysis is based on the behavioural, demographic, and geographic and lifestyle.  By considering these aspects, DOVE targets male and female who are in the age range of 18-34 years of old, people who are high income group, there is also targeted upper middle class families and people who are aware of skin mainly like it. People like to use DOVE as their beauty product. Comparatively, SURE targets male and female who are in the age range of 16-40 years of old, people who are teenage, there is also targeted upper middle and lower middle class families under demographic context and people who like trendy fashion prefer to have it. People like to use SURE as their skin care product (Kotler, Armstrong, Harris and He, 2019).


In marketing mix, product analysis is used for product evaluation and evaluating Brand Values in terms of product strategy (Winer and Dhar, 2014).

First of all, the product quality of DOVE is very high. So, the product of DOVE is categorized under the product label of skin care product, deodorants product, bath products and hair care product. Dove soap product is positioned as a beauty bar which is something better than soap just because of moisturization and cleansing cream. Dove hair care products are recommended by dermatologists that create positioning fact when it is prescribed by the dermatologists. Dove deodorants product which is Dry Spray deodorant is more popular product of Dove to attract the teenage and office going people. DOVE has the tendency of introducing new products like they have introduced Advanced Hair Series globally for securing hair fall, Dove DermaSpa for giving the spa experience among the customer of UK. In the category of baby product, DOVE has also a huge market in UK whereas they have baby lotion, moisturizer cream, diaper cream and wipes (DOVE, 2020).

Comparative Marketing Mix Analysis

Comparatively, as a skin care product, SURE is a leading brand in UK. SURE has the product category of soaps, deodorants, sprays, sachet, stick, and creams. In UK mainly, it is marketed as a deodorant products for men and women, and also SURE Deodorant roll on with various fragrances. SURE have a wide product offering globally under its brand name. It positioned the people by giving clinical protection from body odour. SURE deodorants ensures that people like sports person, media person, celebrities, journalists who sweat excessively they will get relief from that with some attractive smell and fragrances. SURE products also offers respite from underarm stains. SURE is also introduces new products like they have introduced Motionsense Deodorant by mentioning the more user moves, the more he will get protection from it. Moreover, they have also introduced a product for pregnant women for reducing pregnancy sweat and also introduced Antibacterial Odour Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant which will fight against bacteria for giving the protection of underarms (SureDeodorant, 2020).


In marketing mix, pricing analysis is used for price evaluation and evaluating the price viability in the market (Winer and Dhar, 2014).

The strategy of pricing for Dove is competitive pricing which means they are setting the price on same level with other competitors as there are same product market available in UK. Though, the products of DOVE are initially premium priced but they intend to reduce the price due to low demand. In fact, price of DOVE products is little a bit higher than other competitors. Though, they have high acceptance from the users just because of its high quality product and best moisturizer and softener product, they intend to apply the competitive pricing. So, the price strategy applied by DOVE in UK is based on the competition prices due to several competitors’ existence in the market. Product of DOVE Deodorant is selling at the price from £1.49 to £7.79 (Boots, 2020).

Comparatively, the products of SURE are variably priced by considering customer choice. Moreover, they are moderately priced. In UK, the SURE deodorant has a costing around £1.50 to £4.99 (Boots, 2020). Sure deodorants also apply discounts pricing with some other special offers for attracting the customer by offering prize packs like air ticket or sports ticket.

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In marketing mix, pricing analysis is used for evaluating the distributing strategy of the brands in market (Winer and Dhar, 2014).

The products of Dove are sold in more than 190 countries globally. IN UK, the products of Dove are almost available in every retails store, super shops, and super markets like TESCO, Sainsbury, Boots and others. The distribution channels of DOVE is so strong where products are transported from factory to warehouse and then C&F agent sells to the retailer (Išoraitė, 2015). In this modern areas, there is also distribution strategy of Dove products selling that is also available in ecommerce sites as well like

Comparatively, SURE takes place in its product promotion best brands of antiperspirant. SURE is known by different brand names in different countries like it is called Sure in UK, it is  known as Rexona in India, Japan, Bangladesh, South Korea, it is called Shield in South Africa, Degree in Canada and USA. More specifically, SURE is also available in every retails store, super shops, super markets like TESCO, Sainsbury, Boots and others.  In this world of technological progress, the e-commerce is also a huge platform (Pulido Polo, 2018). From that sense, SURE products are also available in different e-commerce site like amazon. SURE has its own website as they are available is more than 90 different countries and from that source, they have given the option to giving online order from their website also with the additional feature of customized based on the products offered in UK and some other countries.


In marketing mix, promotion analysis is used for evaluating the communication strategy of the brands in market (Winer and Dhar, 2014).

Dove has unique marketing campaign for executing the effective promotional strategy that they have the aspirational for women (Alam Khan, 2019). The ‘Campaign for real beauty’ set by DOVE represents the any ages and any colours human beings and they are equally beautiful. In its advertising campaigns, DOVE does not pick up any big celebrities rather they prefer to pick non models just to focus on the real beauty. For advertising purpose, they utilize TV at a large scale, and now this time social media has become an important promotional for them to advertise and promote their product.  In social media, Dove always share positive videos to deliver the message for boosting women’s self-esteem. Moreover, Dove also uses magazines for their product promotion like cosmopolitan because cosmopolitan is a popular magazine for women. By considering socially conscious fact, Dove has self-esteem fund for supporting girls in different cases. They have also evidence based programmes for the purpose of their product promotion who likes to get evidence against beauty.  There are promotional strategy for DOVE by offering coupons and some exclusive offers (Išoraitė, 2015). For promotional purpose, DOVE also use its own website by displaying all product features, upcoming products and different offers.

Comparatively, SURE has been using Television Media, Print media for promoting its product (Alam Khan, 2019). The most important thing is that they used sports athletes as their product model because SURE deodorant has always wanted to focus on giving relief people from sweat bad smell and protection from bacteria. Therefore, sports are the main victims of it, that’s why they choose sports athlete for their product advertising to make it more authentic and real.   Their sports athletes are basically work as brand ambassadors for product promotion (Pulido Polo, 2018). Even they sponsor in some big events of games like Olympic Games. In social media, they are also active but they do it in different ways whereas they prepare videos for emphasising on Roll-on’s ability to dry fast. For promotional purpose, SURE Deodorant also use its own website by displaying all product features, upcoming products and different offers.

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Conclusion and Recommendations

So, DOVE and SURE has applied the 4P’s in best possible ways for evaluating the marketing strategy because 4P’s or marketing mix analysis is such kind of tools of marketing plan that helps in evaluating the marketing performance.  DOVE has been most successful in its application of the 4P’s because their marketing mix strategy reach them to second position in market. For DOVE, it is the recommendation to use their own website for taking online orders as their distribution would be increased.  For SURE, it is the recommendation to use competitive pricing strategy because this pricing has the benefit of capturing large market.


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Comparative Marketing Mix Analysis

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