Personal Statement Lancaster University Student

The importance of education cannot be explained in a single word. Education is the path of future career progression and it is also the door to build a better career. Education is a total learning process that will help to serve the whole world from any profession and it will help to adjust with practical learning in competitive career progress. In this article, you will get a sample of Personal Statement Lancaster University Student.

Personal Statement Lancaster University Student

I have the intention to serve the people. From that point of view, education is a strong weapon for me to serve the people. Education basically helps to enlighten the knowledge with better human psychological development. Therefore, in education, a higher degree must add extra value in personal career progress as well as expand the door of reaching mass people to serve them. So, the importance of a higher degree is more important and it will be much better to take this degree from abroad.

It was always a desire to take a higher degree from abroad. So, as a student of health and social care, it is an added advantage for me to take this higher degree from abroad. It is true that a higher degree from a reputed university or abroad has extra value in a career path and it must create so many opportunities for the competitive job market. Moreover, it opens the door of serving people by using the knowledge attained from that higher degree. So, as a student of health and social care, I think that this higher degree will help me to take more responsibilities in my career aspect and it will increase the quality of living standards with better career progress in the future. Therefore, I can open my own health care center in the near future by using my education, practical learning, and practical experience.

I have completed my level 3 in Children and Young People Workforce. As a student of health and social care, I used to care for the child and young people. I have experience working with children between 3 months – 4 years old and hold a level 3 in children and young people workforce. Moreover, I have also different experience of working in other sectors that is beyond health and social care. I have worked as a sales assistant, customer service advisor and catering work which included providing a variety of refreshments for the general public.

Recently, I was working in a Fire Station nursery where I was a Nursery Practitioner in the 2-3 Room and lead practitioner for two-year-old checks. I had to communicate with all parents and staff and build relationships with children and their families. Moreover, it was important to cooperate with the health visitor to do integrated 2-year-old checks.

After that, I had to take a break from my studies due to my daughter started primary school. At that time, it was very necessary to give proper time to my daughter for his primary learning development. So, now I am fully free to start my higher study in Health and Social Care.

Lancaster University is a better university to start my higher study. It is a good opportunity for me to be part of Lancaster University to start my higher education in health and social care because they are renowned to provide the best practical experience of learning in an effective way.

So, it is another step forward for me to serve the people by using my education and learning.

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Md. Shadequr Rahaman

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Personal Statement Lancaster University Student

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