Personal Statement Sample of Cambridge University Student

Cambridge University is my dream university to pursue a higher degree since childhood. It is one of the most prestigious and renowned universities in the world. The business study module of the university is very well designed, well-structured and properly divided based on the important aspects of business-related learning, which impressed me the most about their curriculum design. I am really excited to join the university to pursue my degree from here and become a better business graduate as well as a business person in the future. In this writing we will share a Personal Statement Sample of Cambridge University Student.

Personal Statement Sample of Cambridge University Student

Personal Statement Sample of Cambridge University Student

Previously, I was a student of Bangladesh and completed my SSC and HSC degree according to the Bangladeshi curriculum from the business study group. From my learning and previous knowledge, I love to know ad learn about business and want to start a business organization of my own or work for a company that works in the core business-related sectors. It is a very interesting place to work with many knowledgeable, hardworking and enthusiastic individuals who have started a business from scratch and now they are leading the world with their brilliant business idea and knowledge.

The modern competitive era is the business era. It is the era of online and offline business and innovates new ways and ideas to explore new spheres and sectors of business. In this sector whoever will come up with new ways and ideas will succeed in the future. I want to become one of those people who will change their business world with their ideas and business. I want to get a higher degree in business studies because of all these reasons. I also think the way the business study module is designed will help me a lot to improve my business knowledge, skills, and learning and teach me more about the competitive business world and how to tackle any challenges that come in the way of business.

I have some experience in working with small business organizations as their sales executive, sales coordinator, customer representative, etc. which helped me to learn about different kinds of business organizations and their core activities. I have loved to work with all of these roles and tried to perform my duties and responsibilities as much as possible. As a person, I am a very passionate, dedicated, hardworking and punctual person. I have a very keen interest in learning new things and gather knowledge from new experiences. So I think if I get a chance to get admitted to Cambridge University I will perform sincerely and prove my capability as a better learner and implementer of the knowledge I will gather here.

Moreover, it is my long-cherished dream and desire to study at this university in their business study module. All my life I tried to prepare myself for fulfilling requirements of getting admission to this university to experience world-class opportunity to learn from scholars. I will be looking forward to receiving a positive response considering all my skills and abilities and oblige thereby.

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Md. Shadequr Rahaman

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Personal Statement Sample of Cambridge University Student

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