Development of Employability Skill

Employability Skill

Self development and responsibility helps to increase the employability skill because self development is process of learning from various kinds of working module or working test in which a person has to involve in solving so many practical problems regarding Development of Employability Skill. Similarly, self responsibility is also a learning process that helps to increase work adaptability and create the habit of being responsible to finish a task from own responsibility.

Employability skill refers to the skill of an individual that could be played a vital role in job or employment sectors. The area of working with other people in a team, having good communication skill, being reliable and dependable in a team, and of course having the willingness to learn from any source, all of these mentioned areas called employability skill (Jackson, 2014).

Therefore, the module of Self-development and responsibility will be a great phenomenon to be a skilled candidate in job sector with the educational certificate achievement. From my point of view, the module of Self-development and responsibility has contributed a lot for my development skill under the following areas:

Development of Employability Skill
Development of Employability Skill

Personality Skill

This is the self-development area in which I have learned how to talk with people, the behavior, manner, and ethical factors while I will be working an organization. Self-development and responsibility helps to increase personality skill because I had to work in a team and given so many behavioral context to work on it from own effort (Jackson, 2014).

Communication Skill

This is the self-development area in which I have learned how to communicate with people and the communication model that could be used effectively in an organization. I have been practiced with reading skill, writing skill and listening because these three criteria is more important while need to communicate with parties, colleagues or other stakeholders. Self-development and responsibility helps to develop communication skill because this module ha a common practice to meet so many people and find a right way to communicate with them from own effort effectively (Orner, 2009).

Decision Making Skill

This is the self-development area in which I have learned ho w to take decision in case of any emergency because this module is featured with some practical cases where I have to work on it and asked to provide my own decision regarding the case problem. In that case, I had to provide the logic behind taking decision regarding that problem solving criteria. So, this a great aspect to be habituated with decision making and problem solving skill while solving some practical cases from own effort (Orner, 2009).

Being reliable and dependable

This is the self-development area in which I have learned about time management, disciplinary actions, punctuality, emotional intelligence and being organized in working areas. This is the scenario in which person who is reliable, he always takes the responsibility for his own actions and lead the team to achieve the specified goal and objectives (Zakaria, Ismail and Ana, 2017).  So, Self-development and responsibility helps me to be reliable because this module is designed to work from own willingness and to take responsibly for each and every individual task.

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Required Skills and Competencies by Employers from Graduates

Employers find diversified skills from the graduates and those skills must add value to my career path. Suppose, in my career path I want to be a Project Consultant. In that case, the employers must find bunch of diversified skills like leadership skip, good communication skill, collaboration skill, and adaptability skill, problem solving skill, decision making skill and self-motivation with good confidence skill.

So, the Required Skills and Competencies by Employers from Graduates to my chosen career path of Project consultant would be as follows:

1.      Commercial awareness (or business acumen)

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to grow commercial awareness because commercial awareness skill is the skill of knowing the business trends with industry valuation within a particular economy. Therefore, when employers needs to recruit employee he must find the graduate who knows the country’s very well with its monetary policy, fiscal policy, commercial policy, country’s GDP, GNP etc. This commercial awareness will help the graduates to know about the company’s product and services and how they are competing and doing business in this competitive market (Xavier, 2017).

1.      Communication

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to grow as well as develop my communication skill. I have to be good at reading, writing as well listening also. There are some specific communication model in which verbal and written communication model used but from business point of vow written communication skill is globally accepted. Verbal communication is like telephonic conversation to communicate with clients, suppliers, distributors or other stakeholders over the telephone or face to face talking communication. Written communication is like Email system in which business purposes are maintained officially by email (Campbell and Dogoloff, 2008).

3. Teamwork

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to be habituated with team work because team work makes the work procedure comfortable. There are some graduates who are not habituated with team work, in that case they cannot adjust with corporate life in job sector. There is no exception to do any work in single effort rather it is more logical and effective to work in a team to get better results if the group members good understanding and if they can strongly handle conflict management (Campbell and Dogoloff, 2008).

4. Negotiation and persuasion

To my chosen particular career path, it is the core competencies to negotiate with business dealings. In the process of negotiation, it is required to understand the business needs and according to that an employee must have to deal with it where the company interest will get first priority. In that case, if the employers find that a graduate have good negotiation skill then it will be helpful to develop a better a career (Campbell and Dogoloff, 2008).

5. Problem solving

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to have the ability of problem solving because it is another competencies from employers point view. Employers search for such kind of graduate from the market those who good in analytical ability as well as problem solving ability because in business there is fixed problem rather there are variations of problems will come forward. In that case, the person with problem solving skill will get the preference from employers to be recruited in the organization. Therefore, I must have to present an ability of logical thoughts and analytical approaches for problem solving and resolving issues (Taylor, 2017).

6. Leadership

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to have the ability of leadership because employers find a graduate those who have the ability of leadership because every employers want that the graduate will lead a leadership roles in the designation of company director or he or she will be held the position in management level in which he can provide deism by his leadership skills. Leaders not only provide decision rather they are also involved in motivating his employees or team member to accomplish the assigned task within the given period.

So, graduates need to motivate his teams and his colleagues that will work for them to achieve the goal of the organization and fulfill the organizational objectives (Taylor, 2017).

7. Organisation

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to have the ability of organization by which it means that a graduate must have to have the ability to work productively, effectively and efficiently. From employers’ point of view, they search for a graduate from the market who is capable or organizing the resources of the organization at priority based and it will be done effectively by him and he will be able to manage his time very well and how you go about meeting deadlines (Xavier, 2017).

8. Perseverance and motivation

Employers need graduates to have a touch of get-moving because graduate must face so many challenges while they will be assigned any specific task. In that case, the graduate must have to show his motivational skill in which he or she will be self-motivated by overcoming the challenges using own effort and playing the role of elf development and responsibility (Xavier, 2017).

9. Ability to work under pressure

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to have the ability of work in under pressure because it is required competencies by the employers from graduates that the graduate will be calm and quite in cruising or pressure moment but in this calm and quite situation he will make an effective output from the organization avoiding the stress in the workplace.

10. Confidence

To my chosen particular career path, I must have to confident in my workplace because employers like confident people from the graduates because they think that it is the sign of positivity getting positive attitude from the graduates (Xavier, 2017).


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Development of Employability Skill

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