Environmental Resource Management

Evaluating the Business Environmental Management System of ZARA

To assess the organizations environmental managemental system regarding internal and external condition of environmental resource management, it is very essential tools to use SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis.

PESTLE analysis of ZARA (Business Environmental Management System of ZARA)

To get a clear understanding about an organization in response to its internal and external factors, the use of PESTEL analysis is widely accepted. PESTEL analysis is combined with six factors and they are political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental factors. ZARA is a retail company operating its business by offering clothes and other accessories for men, women and children in UK. So, the implication of PESTLE analysis for ZARA will be the …

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How to Lose Weight Fast

Overcoming the problem of Obesity among the Youth in UK

Introduction and Background of the Topic

This is a matter of thought that the problem of obesity regarding how to lose weight fast has become a common problem among the young generation and it is bad for health. Obesity is like a burden in the human body that does not allow to lead a normal life (Knowles, 2009). There are so many problems that have to face by the obesity patient. So, the topic will imply that obesity is like curse in normal life but it could be avoided as well as recovered if there is a routine life in each and every young generation regarding their life style, food …

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How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing

How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing: Fast fashion Marketing is all about being fast, not first. Zara ‘Many of us don’t know the name again, the name of the fastest clothing fashion brand in the world will actually be the name of ZARA and H&M. It takes only 2 weeks for “ZARA” to design a new fashion and bring it to the market. And within 48 hours of coming to the market, the supply goes to all the stores in the world. Inditex is their parent company, a brand whose main policy is Zero Advertising. It has been doing promotional marketing since it came online, although it is later in the advertising category. Where other retailers spend …

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Bkash, Nagad and Rocket – Corporate Tax

Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022

The Finance Minister has proposed to increase the corporate tax of Mobile Financial Service (MFS) providers such as BKASH, ROCKET, NAGAD and all other MFS which have already become popular in the country. The finance minister wants to collect more revenue from this sector by raising taxes. As a result, companies in this sector BKASH, ROCKET, NAGAD and all other MFS will have to pay more taxes than before in the upcoming budget of Bangladesh regarding Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022.

Bangladesh National Budget 2021-2022 have the budget of 603,681 crore in this year. Of this, the income is 392,490 crore. The budget deficit is 7.1 percent. Most of the budget deficit will come from foreign loans, …

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Human Resource Management Jobs

Human resource management is one of the most important parts of the organizations. It is the process of ensuring employees engagement, performance and their overall betterment to achieve the personal and professional success in the long run regarding human resource management jobs.

Human Resource Management Jobs

It can easily enhance the development of the employees and make their contribution praiseworthy in the organizational perspective (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The significance of the HRM factor is very important to bring out the maximum level of performance for the employees and get the highest result in the long run. Because of the proper implementation of the strategies and practices of HRM Tesco was able to ensure success for their organization and contribute …

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