Organizational culture of a Body Shop

Organizational culture of a Body Shop and L’Oreal

Every organization has its own culture and it could be different organization to organization or business to business. Culture of an organization depends on its employees, customers, stakeholders, and its supplier’s various factors such as beliefs, unique values, norms, behaviors assumptions, and attitudes. Every organization follow their own culture and as it is varied company to company, so there has a different opinion about the implementation of organizational culture. Some organization organized their culture based on employee satisfaction (Gabriel, 2015). To achieve the organizational goal they try to maintain the satisfaction level of their employees, which motivated the employees to be trustworthy to the organization. On the other hand, some organization …

Strategic Management Analysis of Biocon India Group Limited

The development of a country mainly depends on the increasing number of industries and their success. This article is focused on the Strategic Management Analysis of Biocon India Group Limited. All types of industries and cottage firms are part of the country’s development. In this case, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has created mentionable changes in the economy. From 1947 this industry started its journey. Initially, the local market was dominated by Europe and the United States (, 2019). With the increasing population, the market for pharmaceutical products has needed to expand in the global economy market. Starting with the 21st century, around 20,000 pharmaceutical companies were started their operation in India.

Strategic Management Analysis of Biocon India Group Limited

Strategic Management Analysis of Biocon India

From …

Sainsbury Plc Leadership Style

In this dynamic business world where an organization needs to face different types of change regularly. To adapt to this changing business environment and to operate organizational operation successfully organizations need a qualified leader. Most of the retail organizations are performing in the same way but a good leader can make a big difference a great example of great leadership in the UK retail industry can be Justin King (former CEO of Sainsbury).

Sainsbury Plc Leadership and Management Style

The great leaders set the long term vision for the organization to make a perfect plan to achieve that vision (Mumford et al., 2000). A leader is an individual who has some special qualities to motivate his subordinates and has …

Impact of Culture and Management Style on Tesco

Impact of culture on Tesco: Though Tesco is a global brand of grocery retail it has a number of customers with different religions and cultures. This cultural pattern affects behavior, need, and demand. Management of Tesco needs to focus on its customers’ demand to analyze their culture too. A survey can be organized and run by Tesco to understand the cultural effect on the purchase pattern of the customers within a common community, are or society (Eaglesflight, 2019).

Impact of culture and management style on Tesco

Management Style on Tesco

Organizational culture also affects the pattern of Tesco to handle its functions within and outside of the company. Culture is important to make an environment within the organization to work frequently with the employees. …

Management Process of Tesco

Tesco has a skilled management team that is in charge of taking decisions regarding production to delivery services. The overall management process of Tesco is explained below:

Management Process of Tesco

Management Process of Tesco

Planning a manufacturing plan

Though Tesco is the retailer of the grocery shops, so the main function of the Tesco team is to manage the products from various sources and then store them in their retail shop. When and how the products will be purchased from which sources is the focus of the management team (Render, Munson & Heizer, 2013)

Managing Project

Tesco is both product and service-oriented business. It contains various projects regarding product development or service development. …

Leadership Theory of Tesco

Leadership Theory of Tesco

The mission of the Tesco is to make better that matters. Tesco’s vision comprises of five elements. They want to establish more and more branches around the world. They will establish their business as full of opportunities. Their business will be modern, innovative and full of ideas. They are using their skills globally. They are gaining trust from their customers as well as from their employees too.

Leadership Theory of Tesco

Several theories have been developed to organize people within and outside of the organization for the same purpose of the business. Tesco can also adopt various leadership theories as to the demand for the situation and serve the customers.

Transactional leadership theory: There are three elements that are included …

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