Skills for Group Presentation

Introduction – Skills for Group Presentation

The presentation topic on which we have worked in a team is relationship and influence internal and external stakeholder have on business practice. In this group we had 7 group members and we have learned so many things while we were working in team and acquired some skills for group presentation. So, this report is all about the reflection report regarding sharing the bunch of skill that is achieved while preparing this presentation. In response to the presentation topic, we had to work hard in group, so it was very crucial to adjust with group members and learn the use of skills or achieve some skill while solving the cases.


1.0 Communication Skill

Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills to Improve Academic Grades


To improve academic grades, student must have to develops responsibility, give priority on effective learning, increase efficiency, be punctual and disciplined in every prospect, and must have vision to compete with global student. So, all these can be achieved if student have better time knowledge and time management skills.

Body 1 – Time Management develops responsibility.

“Until we can manage time, we can develop nothing.” (Thompson, 2015) So, the aspect of developing responsibility is very important for every student from their student life because this period is the vital and essential time to develop responsibility by completing class assignment, class test and class examination.

My interpretation is that time management must develop …

Business Plan Template

Introduction – Business Plan Template

In the first year courses, the knowledge I attained is all about business perspective where it helps me to now about principles of business, organizational behavior, how to start a business, what are the requirement of starting a business, different business types, Business Plan Template and some related concept related to business like finance, accounting and marketing.

This simulation process was basically a learning process for me by which it will help to write a business plan from the aspect of considering a virtual company.

Business plan for a virtual company

Now days, E-commerce based business are considered as the virtual company regarding the aspect from Business Plan Template. There are so many e-commerce based …

Contemporary Business Environment of ASDA

Abstract – Contemporary Business Environment of ASDA

ASDA is one of the largest organizations worldwide in case of number of employees, revenues, and organization’s structure. Organizational behavior is that it is related to the behavior and attitude of the employees, employers in the organization as individual or as a group.  Economic environment, Natural environment, Demographic Environmental and cultural environment have huge impact in organization behavior to all the parties in business internally or externally regarding the fact of Contemporary Business Environment of ASDA.  Organizational environment is the forces or factors surrounding an organization and these factors influence the resources, performance, competency, manpower, and procedure. It also composes of the factors existing outside the organization and likely to affect it such …

Contemporary Business Environment of TESCO

Abstract – Contemporary Business Environment of TESCO

Economic environment involves all the issues which have an economic influence on business. Business need to understand economic and non-economic environment those influence business as per contemporary business environment of Tesco. Economic environment is quite complex issues it involves the economic system, economic policies, economic structure and organisation must be consider this factor in their business otherwise they cannot maximize their profit.  Non-economic environment consists of natural, cultural, political and legal environment it also has a huge impact on business success. Therefore, Contemporary Business Environment of TESCO should be evaluated. For multinational grocery store foreign currency, inflation, tariffs, international laws, all the aforementioned factors heavily affects the business activities. To successfully run any …

Impact of Autocratic Leadership

Impact of Autocratic Leadership: Would a move away from autocratic leadership decrease labor turnover at Nantong Tiannan Hotel?

Executive Summary

Autocratic Leadership work environments usually do not give more room for flexibility of the decision of the leader and the leader decision is the final decision all the time. The idea of the Business owners regarding the autocratic work environment is to use such management style to ensure the matter of consistent manner in the working process and to make the Policies from the central point, and guidelines will be provided from the central point. Thus all these circumstances are the natural extensions of an autocratic leader. The rules of autocratic leadership help enforce the leader’s management style to take …

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