Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis of Hilton Hotel

Introduction (Value Chain Analysis)

Strategy is an anomalous state plan to achieve somewhere around one targets under conditions of defencelessness. In the sentiment of the “claim to fame of the general”, which consolidated a couple of subsets of aptitudes including “systems”, coordination’s et cetera. Strategy is basic in light of the way that the advantages open to achieve these goals are typically confined. Strategy all around incorporates characterizing targets, choosing exercises to achieve the goals, and planning resources for execute the exercises. A strategy depicts how the completions (targets) will be proficient by the techniques (resources). Methodology can be normal or can create for instance of activity as the affiliation changes with its condition …

Operations Management Assignment

Executive Summary – Operations Management Assignment

Operations Management Assignment will be conducted on Treva Bike. Treva Bike is the most popular bike in Europe and it has started its business in 1954. It has started its business with the introduction of the Bicycle which is in the format of regular model. The success history of the mountain model that it has captured the market of UK extensively and it was selling at £149 which is huge. It has helped the Treva Bike to be market leader for 40 years. At present in the current market philosophy, the Treva Bike is able to sale for its three types of Bicycles as 106,000 units per year. The plant layout of Treva Bike …

Changing the Culture at Yahoo


Considering the Changing the Culture at Yahoo, It has been found Lack of focus and Mayer Leadership Problem. Yahoo has the problem of focus to deal with the visionary image along with the leadership problem of the Mayer. Therefore, there are some OB concepts that will help to figure out the causes of the problem and try to set up the recommendation of the problem. (Shelly, 2015) More specifically, when there is seen that there is a problem with the leadership practice in that case OB has different tools that can be applied to overcome these problem and also if the business like Yahoo have lack of focus to the business earnings growth or revenue growth that also be …

Skills for Group Presentation

Introduction – Skills for Group Presentation

The presentation topic on which we have worked in a team is relationship and influence internal and external stakeholder have on business practice. In this group we had 7 group members and we have learned so many things while we were working in team and acquired some skills for group presentation. So, this report is all about the reflection report regarding sharing the bunch of skill that is achieved while preparing this presentation. In response to the presentation topic, we had to work hard in group, so it was very crucial to adjust with group members and learn the use of skills or achieve some skill while solving the cases.


1.0 Communication Skill

Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills to Improve Academic Grades


To improve academic grades, student must have to develops responsibility, give priority on effective learning, increase efficiency, be punctual and disciplined in every prospect, and must have vision to compete with global student. So, all these can be achieved if student have better time knowledge and time management skills.

Body 1 – Time Management develops responsibility.

“Until we can manage time, we can develop nothing.” (Thompson, 2015) So, the aspect of developing responsibility is very important for every student from their student life because this period is the vital and essential time to develop responsibility by completing class assignment, class test and class examination.

My interpretation is that time management must develop …

Business Plan Template

Introduction – Business Plan Template

In the first year courses, the knowledge I attained is all about business perspective where it helps me to now about principles of business, organizational behavior, how to start a business, what are the requirement of starting a business, different business types, Business Plan Template and some related concept related to business like finance, accounting and marketing.

This simulation process was basically a learning process for me by which it will help to write a business plan from the aspect of considering a virtual company.

Business plan for a virtual company

Now days, E-commerce based business are considered as the virtual company regarding the aspect from Business Plan Template. There are so many e-commerce based …

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