Advantages and Disadvantages of Managing Virtual Business in Global Environment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Managing Virtual Business in Global Environment is important to know for the business people. Here, this article will evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages of Managing Virtual Business in Global Environment because the sense of knowing all these matters will help people to get better idea.

Advantages of managing virtual business

Virtual Business is Cost-Efficient

Cost effective prospect is very much advantageous which could be achieved by utilizing virtual business. It is possible as because it does not require the expense for maintaining an in-office team. Virtual business needs to bear office rent, utilities expense, transportation expense, maintenance expense. Employees of virtual business do work from home. Virtual business is mainly expensed for software and other ICT …

E Governance in Bangladesh

Introducing E Governance in Bangladesh for Improving Public Service Delivery

Brief Background

This study will be demonstrating on the introducing E governance in Bangladesh for improving public service delivery. The practice of  E Governance is now globally acclaimed for increasing accountability and transparency of public services, rendering faster and smoother services to all citizens in Bangladesh, and fostering economic growth. Though there are some challenges like lack technologic knowledge, inadequate human resources capacity or social challenges, still there is a hope to overcome those challenges. Therefore, it would be possible to achieve the goal of Vision 2021 in terms of developing Digital Bangladesh.


E-governance is a very effective mechanism in terms of service delivery.  E-governance is equivalently related with …

Process of Self Assessment

Part A – Self Assessment by Experience learning and Active Participation

The process of Self Assessment by Experience learning and Active Participation is identical because self assessment is depends on the exposure of learning and participation.

Experience learning:

It is the view of course allows students to get an overview of their work in the organization and develop a variety of work skills that can be translated into many aspects of student work and social life. Experience learning shows many advantages over the course of reflection during the study period and finally it reveals as the matter of ability.

So, therefore, the sets of learning as “philosophy of integrated learning inn integration, including experience, skills and attitudes.” Without reflecting on …

Organizational Change Management

Task 1 – Organizational Change Management and Major Fundamental Shift in the Nature of Organizational Change

The study of Organizational Change Management, Major Fundamental Shift in the Nature of Organizational Change and the areas of organizational change is imperative to to discuss.


This bureaucracy is “normal” in response to the service of prominent classes such as public affairs management in a regime that is always supposed to take care of its condition because this is not just a part of the class, when a social power balance allows it to sustain some of its advantages, thus getting autonomy. Power settings are always determined by social communication configurations. In the short run, the bureaucracy with aspect to the special authority …

Leadership and Motivation


Leadership is the mechanism to lead from the front.  Motivation is the factor that helps an employee to increase the interest of working and increase the dedication to the work. Leadership and Motivation is interrelated and complementary. So, this study would show the leadership and motivation interrelation within cultural diversity.


The aspect of leadership is the key factor for managing official norms, values, ethics etc. In the pattern of organizational behavior or in the sense of human resource management the role of the leadership is the vital factor. Leadership is the mechanism to lead from the front. In this competitive world where people from different world are working for the betterment of a company or contributing for the …

Hospitality Experience


The industry of Hospitality is the broad market in the service sector in the area of tourism industry including the theme parks, event planning, cruise line etc. A hospitality unit could be the dimension of a hotel, amusement park, restaurant where multiple groups are engaged to provide the hospitality facility through internal external customer strategy along with the proper management operations strategy to make lucrative this sector in the form of providing services. Hospitality experience is a big deal to provide satisfactory service to the tourist as the tourist may get full support from the service provider. Here, operation management is also involved to deal with tourist to consider their security as well as comfortable issue.

Role of Hospitality

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