Domestic Violence on Women

Domestic Violence on women and how it can be addressed


Domestic violence is an international issue that cuts beyond country borders and economic, social, ethnic, cultural, and political divides. This dilemma is geographically widespread, but it often occurs, rendering it a regular and recognized practice. Domestic violence on women is prevalent, firmly embedded, and has significant health and well-being consequences for women. It’s ethically unacceptable to keep it going. Peoples, healthcare institutions, and the community all pay a high price for it. No other significant public health issue, on the other hand, has been so extensively neglected and misunderstood. It harms female’s physical and emotional health, as well as their sexual and reproductive health. Injuries, gynecological issues, permanent or …

David Jones Business Strategy

Executive Summary of David Jones Business Strategy

David Jones plays a health and health business, called clinic that offers health checks. DJ also works with financial services that works with American Express. The company has a headquarters in Sydney.  As a team specialist, everyone will work to provide you with tools and resources to reach our vision for David Jones that it is the best place to shop. Considering David Jones Business Strategy, David Jones can sell their products at a higher price than their affiliates. He has invested heavily in customer service to attract and retain customers that support him, even during low demand. In addition, the company has one of the largest brands in the meat industry to …

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction

Project managers are the main figures of the construction project team. Without the project manager, the team will fail. The Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager in Construction is identical because they need to engage in planning, hiring, firing, goal setting, monitoring, conflict management etc.


The project manager must not only plan his work, but also show the team’s responsibilities. The full project manager must preview and define the tasks to be performed for the proposed project. The responsibilities of the project managers include:

·         Organizing the work for the whole team

·         Value of value

·         Prepare a delivery schedule …

Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs & Innovation Leaders

Introduction: Entrepreneurs are like the innovative leaders who basically contribute to establish new business ventures in the economy and play the role from front to reduce the unemployment. So, this is not an easy job to develop a new business venture. For that, there must have some unique personality traits as well as qualities to be a successful entrepreneurs. Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs & Innovation Leaders include passion, motivation, optimism, creativity and risk taker.

Discussion on Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

The most common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs & innovation leaders are as follows:

  1. Passion

Entrepreneurs must have to put so many time and effort which require extensive passion behind the success …

Management Approaches in Business

Management approaches in  Business are condemned for its accentuation on the significance of emblematic prizes and not on material prizes. The conviction of this methodology that an association can transform into one major glad family where it is constantly conceivable to discover arrangements which fulfill everyone has likewise been addressed.

Management approaches

The follows are the main management approaches:-

Behavioral Approach:

(Mclaren, 2015) states within Management Approaches in Business that it perceives the handy and situational requirements on human levelheadedness for making a decision.  Conduct researchers join extraordinary significance to participative and collective choice making. They are profoundly incredulous of the established association structures based on customary ideas and incline …

Operation Management of HSBC

Executive Summary

The organization with which I am familiar is banking service and operation.  There are internal and external context of the operation management of HSBC to critically evaluate the effectiveness of the current management of operations. For Competitive Advantages, HSBC utilizes solid marking and a custom-made way to deal with giving clients an individual administration, regardless of whether they need speculation banking administrations for their organization or an individual home loan. With high close to home contact or scope of electronic passages, they can furnish their clients with availability to their administrations anyplace on the planet. The tools that is used to evaluate it is SWOT analysis. In this study, it has been suggesting in the areas of quality, …

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