Planning and Control System

Planning and Control System of Treva Bike

Executive Summary

Treva Bike is the most popular bike in Europe and it has started its business in 1954. It has started its business with the introduction of the Bicycle which is in the format of regular model. The success history of the mountain model that it has captured the market of UK extensively and it was selling at ¬£149 which is huge. It has helped the Treva Bike to be market leader for 40 years. At present in the current market philosophy, the Treva Bike is able to sale for its three types of Bicycles as 106,000 units per year. The plant layout of Treva Bike has several work centers with the …

Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance in UK Listed Companies

Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance in UK Listed Companies

1. Introduction

Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance are interrelated because corporate governance has huge impact on the performance in an organization. On the other hand, corporate performances should be associated with the rules and regulation of the corporate governance which is needed to be strictly followed. This study will cover the Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance in UK Listed Companies.

2.Literature Review (Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance in UK Listed Companies)

Many researchers have addressed the topic of corporate governance and how it impacts performance in an organization. For every company, there are different forms and levels of performance including financial, internal efficiency in various …

Innovation Management System

Innovation Management System

Definition of Innovation Management

Innovation management is the process of managing, and changing the management by the way of developing as well as utilizing the full length of deployment in the version of coherent business product, business process, and organizational innovation. Innovation management System that gives the opportunity to the managers, architectures, entrepreneurs, and engineers to cooperate with a common form of application including the determination of processes and goals at the moment when the goals could be achieved by the means of proper utilization of the innovation process. Innovation management System is the combination of all kind of tools and mechanism which gives the opportunity to the organizational decision makers to respond for taking the opportunities …

Change Management Plan

Change Management Plan


Change Management is referred as the process of managing the changes in the business atmosphere by using different tools, methods and techniques. If we consider the change management in the area of Human Resource Management then it will be said that the change management is a structured form of approach through Change Management Plan in response to the transition or the development of a team, employees, individuals and broadly organization from current position to the desired improved position.

Change Management Plan

In Human Resource Management, the change management plan is a planned approach in where it is identified as well as analyzed in which area of Human Resource Management should be changed on priority basis. It …

Global Leadership Development

Global Leadership Development

Global Leadership Development is the means of expansion of leadership exposure in various areas. The Characteristics of Global Leaders are signified towards the Global Leadership Development though there are so many challenges faced by the global leaders. There are so many strategies implemented by global leaders for effective and efficient organizational performance. This case will be conducted on GOOGLE that is mostly known as global leaders in the global platform.

Global Leadership Development

Characteristics of Global Leaders (Google)

  • Overseas experience
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity
  • Lifelong curiosity
  • Global strategic thinking
  • Well-spoken
  • Presence
  • Patiently impatient
  • Cautious honesty
  • Humility
  • Deep self-awareness
  • Good negotiator

Overseas Experience

Google as a global leader have the proper understanding about business globally in the overseas market. The overall …

Environmental Resource Management

Evaluating the Business Environmental Management System of ZARA

To assess the organizations environmental managemental system regarding internal and external condition of environmental resource management, it is very essential tools to use SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis.

PESTLE analysis of ZARA (Business Environmental Management System of ZARA)

To get a clear understanding about an organization in response to its internal and external factors, the use of PESTEL analysis is widely accepted. PESTEL analysis is combined with six factors and they are political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental factors. ZARA is a retail company operating its business by offering clothes and other accessories for men, women and children in UK. So, the implication of PESTLE analysis for ZARA will be the …

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