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The marketing strategy of Blizzard entertainment as Massive Multiplayer Game company   

Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, which permit synchronous interest of a few gamers, have pulled in a lot of consideration as of late. Because of that, Blizzard entertainment as Massively Multiplayer Game organization can be sorted as a kind of online network, the conduct of MMORPGs clients should be considered as the general conduct in online networks. (Chung, 2011)Numerous specialists center their examinations around the consumer’s intention to play internet amusements. In any case, the Blizzard Entertainment as Massive Multiplayer Game organization turns out to be increasingly intrigued by the key variables to hold clients. To handle the maintenance issue, it proposes an examination system of …

Comparative Advertising works best when


GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd have comparative advertising case under the thing name “Panadol “. The dynamic settling in all Panadol things is paracetamol (for the most part called acetaminophen). So, the Comparative Advertising works best when it will be possible to continue the study to research on GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd.

  1. Panadol v Nurofen 

Comparative Advertising works best when it is the matter of Misleading Advertising

1.1 Company Background

This is a case of focusing Comparative Advertising works best when it is research on between Panadol and Nurofen.[1] GlaxoSmithKline is a medical company producing and selling Panadol, and Reckitt Benckiser is their competitor …

Comparative Advertising Examples


There is the case of comparative advertising examples as comparative as judgment in a strategy brought by the contender (Samsung) against the respondent (LG) in relationship with a development of TV promotion (TVC) and related web, film and inspiration driving offer progressing gotten a handle on by or in light of an authentic worry for LG in 2011.


Comparative advertising entails the advertisement of goods or services by a party while comparing those goods or services to those offered by another party.[1] The sole aim in such comparison is usually to show that the party’s products are better than those of the competitor, with a view to influencing consumer behavior towards such goods.[2] This paper …

Facebook for Restaurants

Overview of Online Food Business in Facebook

Considering Facebook for Restaurants, the name of the online food business in Facebook will be FOOD BLOGGER, and it intends to create image to the food lover those who pass their most of the time in online media lie Facebook. So, therefore the FOOD BLOGGER will deal with the customer order taking from Facebook by using the Facebook messenger or creating a official page for the FOOD BLOGGER. The reason to open the Facebook page for FOOD BLOGGER to have direct interact with the Facebook user where the page will be publicly opened for all the user. And moreover the page will be designed with all the food that the company will deliver …

Adapting to new technology including Ecommerce and Social Media platforms


As new advancements emerge regularly, technology is constantly changing and adapting to new technology including Ecommerce and Social Media platforms is significant. Technological goods evolve, as do how they are employed. To continue in the company, one must keep up with technological advances significant to the industry (Hasgall & Ahituv, 2018). Adapting new technology provides a competitive edge to corporate management. This is relevant not just on an organizational and individual level but also on their entire organization. An administrator who can successfully understand and apply the newest technological advancements has an advantage over other managers (Lew, Kim, et al., 2019). Technological innovation may have a significant impact on the company. Even the methods people do new technologies will …

Relationship Marketing Strategy


Marketing is an action assisting a company to pinpoint the aspirations, preferences, the needs towards their products’ offering and the company. Relationship marketing strategy refers to building a sustainable relationship with the valued clients in the market for the longer period of time. They involve themselves to collect information and data regarding the customers through surveys, interview, or any other means to satisfy the customers’ need and deliver the most suitable products to satisfy their customers need. However, marketing managers require formulate different tactics to gather the data regarding the prospective markets and make strategies and plans to address those issues and demand as soon as possible and satisfy their customers delivering their needs and demand. Under this competitive …

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