How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing

How ZARA implements a Fast Fashion Marketing: Fast fashion Marketing is all about being fast, not first. Zara ‘Many of us don’t know the name again, the name of the fastest clothing fashion brand in the world will actually be the name of ZARA and H&M. It takes only 2 weeks for “ZARA” to design a new fashion and bring it to the market. And within 48 hours of coming to the market, the supply goes to all the stores in the world. Inditex is their parent company, a brand whose main policy is Zero Advertising. It has been doing promotional marketing since it came online, although it is later in the advertising category. Where other retailers spend …

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media, internet and Social Media Marketing World are connected each other, and this both things are playing a phenomenal role in this world communication or global communication. However, the contribution of social media in this communicative world is totally different because this social media has made the communication as well as collaboration system very easy and cheap. Once, it was very costly to communicate with other world, the news of other world was not available in right time whereas it took two or three days to get the update news.

Social Media Marketing World

Therefore, the scenario is totally changed at current time, because social media is a media that is delivering any update news, information and other important …

American Marketing and Publishing

American marketing and publishing founded in 1997, American Marketing & Publishing (AMP) was originally a small phone directory for rural communities outside of Chicago. But it quickly became one of the largest publishers of business directories in the Midwest. They are registered in the website of:

About American marketing and publishing

Marketing is becoming easier for America’s small businesses because to advances in American marketing and publishing in the United States. For our print advertising and digital marketing solutions, as well as “digital marketing for dummies,” they have gained the confidence of over 50,000 businesses nationally. There are 350 dedicated people work in American marketing and publishing, assisting more than 50,000 small companies to promote effectively and affordably in their …

Marketing plan of Saffron Ice Cream

Marketing plan of Saffron Ice Cream:

Marketing is the set of activities that has an institution that processes, creates, communicates and delivers different offerings among its consumers, clients, partners, and society at large. Marketing also involves the activities by which an organization communicates and maintains a relationship with it is present and potential customers (Kotler, 2009). As I am working in The Saffron Ice Cream Company as a Junior Executive in the marketing department, I have to maintain good relations with its other functional units such as HR, Finance, Research, and Development, etc.

The main differences between B2B and B2C market is that B2B deals with business to business marketing abd B2C deals with Business to Consumer marketing. In …

Suitability of Facebook and Instagram in Business


The influence of Social Media like Facebook and Instagram has twofold in our daily life interpreting the Suitability of Facebook and Instagram in Business. Good things about social media are- it ensures the easier communication for the people and business organization around the world, professional people can build a relationship with big companies and other professional people, a business can advertise their products to their target audience, young people are getting more opportunity to socialize themselves with others.  In terms of negative influence, social media is a cause of risks associated with online communities. Social media is responsible for online bullying, online harassment, hacking, and online scam it also hampers personal productivity and damages the relationship.  People should use …

Challenges of using Social Media

Social media helps each and every member of society to keep connected with each other and make new friends from any corner of the world. People also use different networking sites to get the daily news updates and current social media in place for all activities such as- people use it for communication, promote business, advertising, product campaign, getting news updates, share an opinion, blogging, music sharing, etc.  Social media has so many positive sides that change people’s lives positively. It has so many drawbacks and most individuals do not know the problem that is caused by social media. Social media is responsible for cybercrime, cyberbullying, decrease academic performance, negative performance in the workplace, and creates problems in personal relationships. …

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