Develop a Coherent Marketing Mix for McDonald’s

The marketing mix is known as a conceptual framework for fighting against marketing challenges. There are many different ways to do the marketing mix as 4P’s, 5P’s and 7P’s but the core marketing concept is the 4P combination. The marketing mix is providing a specific offering to meet a specific customer segment’s needs and demand.

Develop a Coherent Marketing Mix for McDonald’s New Product

Basically, the market strategy or techniques for McDonald’s is encouraging people to eat tasty and healthy.  So if they are going to develop the new geographical market segment they need to be a concern with the marketing mix orientation which has described below:

Marketing Mix for McDonald’s


Product is the main offering from McDonald’s. They …

Diverse Activities of Marketing Department

Diverse Activities Carried Out in the Marketing Departments of Business

Proper understanding of diverse activities of marketing departments of business needs to know to ensure better management of marketing activities. The marketing concept is the philosophy of dealing with customers’ needs and makes the decision of choosing the best way to satisfy them with produced goods and services and taking care of the delivery system. It is a method by which a firm or company can identify the customer’s need for interchanging and creating value for both of the parties. Marketing is the process of creating and offering value to customers for achieving organizational goals. It is a combination of different kinds of activities to create value for ensuring customer

How Personal Selling Supports The Promotion Mix

Ways Personal Selling Supports The Promotion Mix

The main aim of a company are increasing brand name, brand value and maximizing wealth by creating a good quality perception in the mind of the customer. Personal selling (Personal Selling Supports Promotion) is one of the main ways to do that by face to face meeting with the customer and nurture them.

Promotional mix is not marketing mix rather it is included within the marketing mix. Promotional mix is the combination of promotional variables which helps the marketers to allocate the resources among them and obtain the best marketing results. Promotional mix can vary organisation to organisation but the basic components that can be common in more or less all organizations are- …

Evaluate the Suitability and Impact of Different Leadership Styles

Evaluate the Suitability and Impact of Different Leadership Styles

1.1. Explain the importance of defining the objectives, scope and success criteria of the decisions to be taken

Organization makes decision on the basis of its goals and objectives.  To come up with appropriate decision, business needs to have clear target and track of business progress. For each and every organization it is very important to describe their objectives, scope and success criteria before going for any projects. Structured and defined objectives are the pathway to achieve the actual goal and success of any organization. The organization must need to measure their scope of improvement before targeting any project and they all need to measure the profitability of the organization. For …

Does Porter’s Five Forces Model Fit with Practitioner’s Experience

Does Porter’s Five Forces Model Fit with Practitioner’s Experience? The Case Study of Google 

1.0 Introduction: As a norm of Google’s have the form of strategic direction in which it serves in response to the area of different external forces in the environment of its industry atmosphere. Porter’s Five Forces analysis model that is used by the organization to understand the way of the strategic direction as a common norm of the strategic policy. Since 1998 Google was established and now they are holding the leading position in various the various forms of markets, such as in the market of the online advertising market. In the leading position Google as a large organization as a large brand in the online …

Innovative Marketing Campaign of Huawei

Innovative Marketing Campaign of Huawei

1.0 Introduction

Huawei is a Chinese information and Communication advancement brand. Huawei was set up in the year 1987 by Ren Zhengfei who is furthermore the present CEO of Huawei. The aim of the study (Innovative Marketing Campaign of Huawei) is to focus on the marketing objectives of the company brand Huawei which is most successful in the area of mobile telecommunication technology to produce mobile phone for the customer and distribute its product all over the world. Therefore the marketing objectives of Huawei brand will be evaluated by the means of the integration of marketing theory. And finally to draw some recommendation as per the marketing as well as campaign objectives of the Huawei …

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