Adapting to new technology including Ecommerce and Social Media platforms


As new advancements emerge regularly, technology is constantly changing and adapting to new technology including Ecommerce and Social Media platforms is significant. Technological goods evolve, as do how they are employed. To continue in the company, one must keep up with technological advances significant to the industry (Hasgall & Ahituv, 2018). Adapting new technology provides a competitive edge to corporate management. This is relevant not just on an organizational and individual level but also on their entire organization. An administrator who can successfully understand and apply the newest technological advancements has an advantage over other managers (Lew, Kim, et al., 2019). Technological innovation may have a significant impact on the company. Even the methods people do new technologies will …

Relationship Marketing Strategy


Marketing is an action assisting a company to pinpoint the aspirations, preferences, the needs towards their products’ offering and the company. Relationship marketing strategy refers to building a sustainable relationship with the valued clients in the market for the longer period of time. They involve themselves to collect information and data regarding the customers through surveys, interview, or any other means to satisfy the customers’ need and deliver the most suitable products to satisfy their customers need. However, marketing managers require formulate different tactics to gather the data regarding the prospective markets and make strategies and plans to address those issues and demand as soon as possible and satisfy their customers delivering their needs and demand. Under this competitive …

Principles of Marketing Case Study

MINI CASE STUDY – Principles of Marketing Case Study

Background – Principles of Marketing Case Study

Point & Know app is a live music Point & Know app for the New York tourist market. The motive of this music app is to target Tourists visiting New York. The use of this app will be beneficial for them to find nearby gigs in a variety of genres.  You have to solve this Principles of Marketing case study.

There are around 60m people who visit New York every year; they are a mix of US nationals and foreign visitors. So, it is a large market for Point & Know music app to reach them by providing them the service of notifying and …

Marketing Audit Example

Question Answer of – Marketing Audit Example

The marketing audit example should cover the following  question to be solved in this Marketing Management subject areas:

  1. Construct a Marketing TOWS for Travelodge, explaining the Marketing Audits that you have undertaken in doing so.
  2. On the basis of these findings, state and justify 3 Marketing Objectives that should be set for the ‘Enabling a leading brand’ Marketing Campaign over the 12 months period.
  3. Outline and examine the Marketing Mix Plan that your marketing plan needs to consider in order to achieve these objectives over the 12 months period.
  4. Provide proposals on how Travelodge can improve their levels of Customer Service as part of their ‘Enabling a leading brand’ Marketing

Marketing Campaign Plan for ALDI

Introduction – Marketing Campaign Plan for ALDI

Marketing campaign plan is associated with various activities like product promotion and product branding. As a Marketing Consultant of ALDI Supermarkets, this is my roles and responsibilities to design the marketing campaign plan for ALDI in such way that will be helpful for achieving marketing goals and objective that is increasing sales, growing market share with customer satisfaction. To run this intensive Marketing Campaign, it is very essential to construct a marketing TOWS analysis, set marketing objectives, examining the marketing mix plan and providing proposals for improving customer service and increasing customer satisfaction. Here, the Marketing Tagline for this campaign is Expressing Ourselves.

Background of the Company (ALDI)

ALDI is known as …

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure depends on the customer choice, marketing strategy, environmental factors, brand paranoia and market changes. So, it is very much important to consider while doing branding strategy.

Factors Affecting Brand Success and Failure

Factors Affecting Brand Success

 The Factor of Customer Choice

Choice of Customer is the great factor behind the success of the brand launching. There are so many segmentation aspiration related to the customer choice in the area of cultural segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychological segmentation, preferential segmentation etc. The purchasers’ approach that uncovers three focal drivers of presentation: financial aspects, social, and clients’ propensities. Financial aspects factors are identified with the affiliation endeavoring to base on the correct customers, whose profile has been …

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